"Allie's artful photos drew me in, her patience and encouragement both before, during, and after our session together convinced me to 'Groove,' and the final product left me feeling like my own work of art; flawlessly flawed in my design." -P

"The thing I thought I was the most afraid of - looking bigger than expected - is like not even a thing. The photos where I look the curviest and most bodacious are like mega hot. The lines and curves make for such interesting photos and I love it. Oh my gosh. Thank you so much for this experience."  -A

"My ladygroove shoot was a revelation; an act of radical self care; a lesson in self love. Working with Allie taught me how to not only be comfortable with my nakedness, but whole, and in love with my bare self." -C

"This photo shoot turned out to be more than just photos; they are a reminders of who I am and what I always want to be; A freedom and essence of self that is beautifully captured through Allie’s lens.   I felt/feel so empowered and I get to keep that moment for forever." -KB

“Through her lens I saw myself anew, and discovered that my compassion toward myself is disproportionate to the compassion I hold for others.” -P

“I was quite nervous going into it and now I can't wait to do it again. Working with you was so easy and it just flowed.  I learned a little bit about myself and I appreciate my body a little bit more thanks to you.”