I’m attracted to modern couples. The less traditional, less posey-posey, more candidly in love kinda couples. I can hardly wait to shoot your grandmother wearing her mother’s pearls and the posed family photos that will cover your mom’s living room, but to the core I love the candids. Your silly uncle, standing on the table, dancing his heart out. The proud glances from your dad during the father-daughter dance. The groom and his groomsmen in a cloud of cigar smoke. 

And elegantly playful? This means, “Our wedding looked great and we worked hard for it. It was full of class and style and I took a ton of photos in my dress because that thing didn’t grow on a tree.” But once the vows have been said and the rings exchanged, the ties loosen and the hair-dos go rogue because we are still ourselves, today. 

The decisions and the planning are over. You did that part and you killed it. Now I will do my best to ensure that you don’t have to answer another question. I will be a smiling face. I will be calm, yet directive. I will be there when the heels come off, the wine gets spilled, and the never ending laughter begins.