Boudoir is a French term that means a woman’s bedroom or private room. Ladygroove is an Allie Monday term that means women are badasses and should be photographed that way. 

Though I won’t knock the traditional style of boudoir (the sexy face, the pearls, the sports jersey), this is not my thing. Ladygroove is my way of shooting boudoir. While I don’t shy away from sexuality, Ladygroove is less about only focusing on the seductive aspects of our femininity and more about celebrating the whole woman. We move. We laugh. We dance. We are simultaneously sexy and awkward, confident and insecure, strong and afraid. We are incredibly sexual beings but we are not just sexual beings. And my work finds its home where your femininity comes alive.

Being a woman who has photographed other women for nearly a decade, I have seen that what we all really want is to feel presently beautiful and connected to ourselves. We don’t want to measure up to our former glory or some 10lbs lighter future-self. We want to look at these now bodies and think, “Damn, girl. I see you.”  That being said, when you walk into my studio you are entering a judgement free zone. I don’t do comparison. I don’t do should haves or could haves. I do as is. Because as you are is beautiful and I’ll take stretch marks, eczema, or un-lost baby-weight over the fear of not being accepted and loved as you are in the present moment.