I don't know what to do!

Great. Fantastic. Wonderful. I will coach you. It's part of what you are paying me for.  But let me tell you, you will get the hang of it faster than you think. All I need from you is an openness to view yourself as you are and a willingness to get a little silly and maybe do some dancing if that makes you come alive. I hear women say a lot “this is way easier than I was imagining”. I tend to mimic what I want you to do. So I'll be like "okay!!! let's explore this chair together" or "uwwwww what if we did THIS"! There's definitely no "Okay show me your sexy face" . We move together, explore together and we find YOU together. 


Do my images have to be shared online?

Definitely not. Though I’d love the opportunity to share your beauty with the world (and also keep my business going), you are paying me to meet you at your comfort level. I am committed to sharing your images at whatever level you are comfortable with or not at all.


What if I'm modest? 

Ladygroove does not have to be shot naked. Put on a pair of high waisted jeans and a bra or a short cocktail dress and we are good to go. Every woman has a different comfort level and it’s imperative for me to understand where you are on this spectrum. You feeling safe and comfortable is far greater than my need for a beautiful image.  All of your boundaries and ideas will be discussed before the day of the shoot. All clients fill out a SUPER DOPE QUESTIONNAIRE that fills me in on your body loves, body struggles, nudity boundaries, etc. It's the best. No you are the best. Oh my god let's shoot already!



This is a team effort and we will brainstorm together. Our main goal is to make sure you feel like yourself on a good day. We're not going for fake but we're also not going for, "I just started my period and only slept 4 hours and, by the way, I ate mexican for every meal last week and now I feel like a blimp.” We’ll figure out exactly what will make you feel fierce as hell. All of my Ladygroovers make a secret Pinterest board and invite me. This way we can narrow down your looks and come up with something that is the most magical version of YOU! After that you will have a dress up party with your current clothes and sen those pics my way. And after THAT I'll search online for some amazing clothes if you are up for buying a think or two. I'll help you and it'll be the best!


Where do we shoot?

Sessions are shot in my studio. It's white and bright and filled with an energy that says "Now please take your clothes off". I have set this studio up for your most comfortable and divine experience. I want you to feel pampered and relaxed and energized all at the same time. I want you to tap into your safe zone and step out of your comfort zone. See the About Page for photos of the Studio (even though it is ever changing with different furniture, plants, and backdrops). If you'd like me to shoot elsewhere, I'm totally open to it, but you're gonna have to give me all your monies. 


Wardrobe: I LOVE Zara. Reformation. Offbeatkid Forever21. Asos. Thrift stores. And probably lots of stuff from your closet. 

Hair and Makeup: Isabelle with Belle Maquillage is my main Stylist (I have some other great ones too). She's beautiful and German. She's got the most calming energy and is a badass at what she does. Many of my groovers don't wear much makeup and she has perfected the glowy, dewey, clean faced look that makes women feel fresh but not overdone. The vast majority of the rest of my clients want something modern or classic. She's the shit at all of that. And her hands may just put you to sleep in the chair (although the champagne doesn't hurt either ;).