Ladygroove made me feel like Beyonce.

watch here for the LADYGROOVE EXPERIENCE 




"I was elated, at times, overcome with emotion -- like I had missed my body and my Ladygroove session was the homecoming I didn't know I needed. " - Alex

"The thing I thought I was the most afraid of—looking bigger than expected—is like not even a thing. The photos where I look the curviest and most bodacious are like mega hot. The lines and curves make for such interesting photos and I love it. Oh my gosh. Thank you!."  —Amber

"My ladygroove shoot was a revelation; an act of radical self care; a lesson in self love. Working with Allie taught me how to not only be comfortable with my nakedness, but whole, and in love with my bare self." —Cate

"Nervous, scared, excited -- did I say scared? Interestingly enough, as it got closer to the shoot -- I found I was no longer scared or nervous...but super excited....and I know it was because I felt safe and secure in Allie's hands." -Nancy

“Through Allie's lens I saw myself anew, and discovered that my compassion toward myself is disproportionate to the compassion I hold for others.” —Prentiss

"There were times I didn't know what to do with my body, but Allie gave great direction, was incredibly helpful, and I never felt uncomfortable or that she asked something of me that I felt was too much." -Anna

"Allie is doing way more than taking photographs. She is creating space for women to see and be seen. Using art, music, beauty, and openness, she invites women to celebrate personal growth, or even embark upon it. She accepts all angles of femininity with open arms and a distinct eye. She sees beauty in everything." -Lauren

“I felt my body being witnessed, celebrated, and delighted in. I saw through the lens a different perspective of myself.”                  -Anne

"I hope there is an Extra Luxury Experience by the next time I do another Ladygroove so that I can make a weekend of it. Love Ladygroove. Love Allie. Love how unexpectedly emotional it made me. It’s fucking awesome." -Anna



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