When Alex with Lucky Penny Creative and I met (I walked up to her at a coffee shop, said "I love your Feminism t-shirt" and it was happily ever after) we knew instantly that a badass collaboration would soon entail. We both share a love for authentic, honest, and unexpected women. Neither of us gravitate toward the yoosh. So we came up with the LuckyPenny meets Ladygroove woman-centered inspired bridal boudoir. Did you get all of that?

We wanted this shoot to be one that certain women looked at and said "UMMM well there I am. Breaking cakes and being boss". We were aiming for a bride who screamed "yes please... I 100% want to eat my wedding cake with my bare hands. And sit on the floor drinking white wine with my dress half on. And throw my gown in the air and on my face even if my makeup gets on it ."   

I once took a photo of a bride putting on her deodorant before the wedding and she got soooo upset. (totally okay if you are that bride and this still wouldn't be your jam). But one thing that I SO LOVED about this shoot is that while I think these images are STUNNING they aren't "perfect". I wasn't tiptoeing around what was "supposed" to be shot and how she was "supposed" to look. I believe that every bride is wonderful but the LuckyLady bride is raw and honest. She may be scared shitless but she ain't gonna hide it. No fakin' it till you makin' it. No show. 

Our ridiculously insanely beautiful model allowed us to photograph her with her ovarian removal scar showing. I photographed her in an IG unfriendly way (oh my god her nipples are showing).  I didn't photoshop any of her blemishes. We didn't even have the hair and makeup artist stay around to do touch ups. I captured her mid talking. I left some of the dirt and scuff marks on the floor and the backdrop instead of creating a perfect scene. There's the moment we broke the cake before I had gotten my lighting right. An image of one of my light set ups. A snap from Alex's hand brushing the model's hair mid-shot. I even included some images that don't necessarily meet my "lighting and quality standards". Gasp.  

Also cannot say enough thanks to the women involved in this shoot. Lucky Penny Creative you are a gift, a well of resources, a safe place to land, and a badass boss lady/stylist. Thank you Tessa Pinner (cake at the intersection of food and art) for designing such beauty. We are sorry not sorry that we broke your cake. The loveliest veils, dresses and skirts from Wild Flower Bridal out of Asheville NC. Jewelry made specifically for this shoot by the mega talented Amber Hatchett Designs. Isabelle with bellemaquillage is a dream queen Hair and Makeup Star. And thank you Allie Monday with Ladygroove (yeah I'm the one writing this) for your hard work within yourself and within Ladygroove.  Job well done to all of us!