Michelle is an artist. And a dream. You can find her moody and mysterious work here. I invited her into the studio for a movement based session. I honestly want to cry when I look at these images. They feel so ethereal and light. They pull me in. The colors feel mysterious but soft. The lines and shapes that her body made were an absolute delight. I could have watched her move all day and I am still so inspired by her connection to her body and the willingness to freely explore her movements with me. 

Disclaimer: it takes 99% of women some time to get comfortable enough with me, with being in the studio, and in front of the camera to freely open up. People don't just pop right in and say "okay I'm ready to let all of my walls down and let all of me out." It can be vulnerable to be in a new space, in front of me, and then let your guard down in this way.  I believe it's worth the risk. I believe the gain of stepping out of your comfort zone and of listening to the thing inside of you that say "A part of me really wants to do this" is worth entertaining. I do all that I can in my power to create a safe, judgement free zone. You are free to practice your body love and your movements with me. And by practice I mean you may feel uncomfortable or nervous or unsure of yourself for the beginning part of the session. If there is a pull toward doing this I would explore that pull. And I will meet you with  a tool bag full of direction and coaching, a glass of champagne, and a glowing face:)