This studio is a long awaited, happy dancin' kind of dream come true. It's my daily office and the space where Levi and I both shoot. It's the space that I have and plan to have many women leaving feeling pampered, empowered and alive in their femininity. It has already been one of belly laughter and tears. I never imagined my life to look this way (married to a photographer while being a photographer, shooting boudoir, 7 years in with no kids) but I can honestly say I'm thankful that it does. No one could ever know what has been put into our marriage, our personal growth, and our work lives to get us to this present place but we do know and we are very proud. And this studio is certainly the fruit of a hell of a lot of that labor.  

I teamed up with Whitney McGregor (Interior Designer and Stylist) to make this space beautiful and functional. She's good y'all. Real good.  She has an eye for luxury and traditionalism but always with a side of whimsy. For the studio we went for a worldly eclectic space with a minimal tone for the functional. Whitney says "It was amazing to watch the space evolve from concept phase to finished. I think we always had that original inspiration in our brains even though we took a few winding roads to ge there." Whitney designed this multifunctional wooden screen (backdrop, changing room, room divider, architectural presence) and Anthropolgie Display coordinator and Craftswoman Emily Barton  built it. I painted the walls and floors and door and Levi designed/installed the greatest backdrop holder in history. Whitney chose this Katie Walker original that hangs above the black settee and I just want to hold it like a baby all day long.

We think it's the coolest time to be a part of the current movement in the Pendleton Art District and we both love (well, I think Levi is very happy about it and I'm like crying and boogying over here about it. this is typical) that Village Studios and Gallery is our home. Also a big thanks to Ryan Johnston for his magical landlord skills and for all of his hard work in contributing to the economy and liveliness of Greenville SC.