I’m married to the coolest guy named Levi and I could spend the next two paragraphs raving about his wonderfulness but I’m afraid you’d fall in love. These days we spend most of our free-time trying to figure out how to turn the back of our 4-Runner into a camper, while also trying to be good parents to our cat-child, lil’ piggy. I dance a lot and he builds a lot. 


Levi and I started working together six years ago and it was both magical and terrifying. Our business grew and grew as The Mondays until eventually, it expanded in so many good directions that we decided to focus individually on our favorite parts (including a healthy marriage). You can find his stellar commercial photography here. Ladygroove came out of a 12 year eating disorder, some powerful and hard as hell healing through PTSD, and a sexual liberation where I finally realized that our sexuality is first and foremost for ourselves and then for a partner if we choose to share that. I am a WOMAN centered boudoir photographer who believes that if we empower ourselves firstly then secondly we can be a catalyst for world change.   We've all been through some shit so I designed Ladygroove to celebrate the life you've survived and the body that has gotten you through it!  I am not a partner centered boudoir photographer so if you are looking to shoot boudoir as a gift then I am probably not the best fit for you (although I would love to send you to recommendations for photographers who do that in the area).  If you are looking to practice playfulness, to document a season in your life, or to love your body, your sexuality, or yourself even harder then I'm your FREAKING WOMAN! 100% body acceptance not required. Please you gorgeous thing just come as you are.  

I’m brutally -- hopefully lovingly -- honest. I do my best to stay connected with the present moment and to be just as kind to myself as I am to other people. Who I am is what is reflected in my photographs. And I think that they are really, really beautiful.

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